Weeks 18, 19 and 20 - Been here, done that!!

Well, we went back at Vila Nova de Milfontes for Christmas. This was our fourth Christmas here and like all the others was quiet and relaxing.

There were, as always, a number of Brits and although we did spend some time with them (being the fourth time we had met some of them) but we did not get involved in the usual multi-national parties.

Christmas Day was bright and warm and, as every Christmas we have spent away from UK, we spent the morning walking on the beach where Sue had, again as usual, a paddle in the sea.

IMG 20181225 120759

Christmas Day paddle

Christmas dinner was much as we would have had at home in UK the difference being that our turkey, and all the veggies and trimmings were cooked outside in the sunshine on the BBQ. Being Christmas we pushed the boat out and bought a very good wine to go with our dinner - €1.60 a bottle (around £1.30) - no expense spared 😏.

As in previous years we received a Christmas gift from the campsite a presentation box containing three bottles, two red and one white, of local region wine which was very good indeed.

Dinner on new year’s day followed a similar pattern to that of Christmas with rib of beef roasted on the BBQ with more of the good wine to wash it down. Perhaps we should admit that the Christmas/New Year “good” wine was actually in a 5 litre box and picked by taste not the €10.70 (£9.10) price.

One of the joys of Vila Nova de Milfontes is that the campsite is very close to the centre of town, the municipal market just about 100 metres down the road and the whole town within walking distance.

IMG 20190103 103440

Parrot fish at Vila Nova de Milfontes Municiple Market

There are few places in the immediate area that we have not visited but a number we chose to revisit this year. The story of those visits is on the photos page.

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