Site No 268 - Camping Castro Verde

Camp Site Name:-
Camping Castro Verde

Rua Timor Lorosae
Castro Verde

Phone Number:-
00351 286 320 150

Web Address:-

N37º 42´17,88´´ W08º05´17,22´´

General Description:-
Camping Castro Verde is a municipal run site on the edge of town. The receptionist spoke good English and strangely required us to sign a “consent form” in Portuguese that she said was required under the latest European data protection laws before they could open and look at our passports. She also said they could no longer copy the passports for their records. Since the latest update (that I think was May 2018) we have stayed on sites in Holland, Spain and Portugal but on every other the passports have been examined and copied.

There are two camping areas the first as you enter, is a large hardstanding where virtually all the campers are ensconced, some for the entire winter. Why anyone would want to spend the entire winter less than 2 metres from the either side neighbours in, effectively, a car park is totally beyond us.

There are further into the site a number of grassed pitch areas. While we were there not a single one was in use, probably because of the difficulty in getting over the high curbs. Like us the other five units in this area had set up on the access roads.

Toilets and Showers:-
The facilities were a little tired but kept clean and supplied all the necessities (including those rare Portuguese campsite items - loo seats) 

There is a laundry with a huge industrial machine at just €2.50 per wash.

There is no restaurant on site but plenty of bars and restaurants within walking distance.

This like many municipal sites Camping Castro Verde is somewhat scruffy but is fine for a short(ish) stay.

We stayed six nights and paid €13.50 per night

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