A Sinple Plan


. . . Italy, Sicily and Greece

We have spent six of the past seven winters in Spain and / or Portugal and while we love both countries it does get more and more difficult to find new places to visit so this coming winter we thought we would go somewhere completely different.

Italy, Sicily and Greece should be completely different.

We have long wanted to go to Italy, indeed our 1st adventure had originally been designed to visit Italy but a caravan problem caused an unexpected and swift return to UK.

The plan at this time (and is of course subject to change by the month, week, day, or even minute) is first to visit our Dutch friend Dickie in Netherlands then travel south through Germany into Austria, over the Alps, although where and by which pass or tunnel is not yet decided, into Italy. After travelling the lenght of Italy and crossing the Straights of Messina to Sicily, perhaps for Christmas, then to Italy’s east coast town of Brindisi where there is a regualar and frequent ferry service to Patras in Greece.

The journey home is a little more complicated. From Greece the road runs through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and France. The round trip being over 8000 kilometres.

When we travel we tend not to “over research", we have a quick look at the "AA Driving in Europe” web page, check if we need a Vignette / Toll Sticker and off we go!

The “off” is planned for around the middle of August, or the end, or the beginning .  . . . . . . .

This map shows a possible route, red outward and blue home, but, please note, dear reader, that as one of you was unable to accept that haveing no points of interest in Italy did not mean that we were going from Venice to Thessaloniki in Greece in one hit but rather meant that we had done no research between those two points. To hopefully satisfy this person I have added the green route, however it means absolutely nothing other than they are genuinely places in Italy but we have no idea if we will or will not visit them.

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